Workshops @ FDG2011 (to be held on June 28th, 2011)

  • Evaluating Player Experience in Games

    Licia Calvi, NHTV

    Lennart Nacke, University of Saskatchewan
    Anders Drachen, Copenhagen Business School 

    This workshop focuses on analyzing quantitative and qualitative methods for evaluating player experience in games. This includes psycho-physiological measures, as well as the use of quantitative game metrics to supplement user experience methods. The ultimate goal is to clarify the relationship between user experience and game design.

  • Procedural Content for Computer Games

    Joris Dormans, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

    Michael Mateas, University of California, Santa Cruz
    Ian Parberry, University of North Texas
    Gillian Smith, University of California, Santa Cruz
    Julian Togelius, ITU Copenhagen
    Jim Whitehead, University of California, Santa Cruz
    R. Michael Young, North Carolina State University

    This workshop focuses on advancing the state of the art in computational techniques for creating content for computer games. It will bring together researchers to present and discuss novel research results in procedural content generation.

  • Video Game Accessibility: Extreme Interaction Design

    Eelke Folmer, University of Nevada

    Sri Kurniawan, UC Santa Cruz
    Lennart Nacke, University of Saskatchewan

    Players with disabilities could benefit from the social, educational and health opportunities offered by video games. Exploring access solutions for the most extreme" players opens the opportunity for discovering interaction solutions that may beneficial for any user. This workshop aims at building an active research community in this emerging field.